Commercial Loan Consulting System

  Welcome to Private Lending Group "Commercial Loan Consulting System"

Congratulations, we are about to open your world to the number one source to finding and funding real estate loans!  We are committed to providing funding to real estate investors who have great deals in need of funding.

  • Real Estate Investor's Solution - We fund commercial and investment loans to real estate investors based on the value of the property and equity, not their credit score
  • Perfect Product  "Money": There is more Demand then Supply.  Their is a Huge Market for Money and the time is ripe for Real Estat Investors to make a Big Commissions with Private Loans. Your real estate contacts will love you for referring them to us!
  • Tools You Need to Succeed – Inside the membership area, we've everything you need to promote our products successfully.
  • Earn Big Commissions – Selling Money and Yield to Investors! Our product is very competitive in the market and converts so well that you could make sales weekly.

Who Is Private Lending Group?


Private Lending Group is one of the nation's leading private money lenders. We specialize in providing short term funding for real estate investors based on the value of the property not strict bank underwriting guidelines.

We can get financing to our clients in as little as 7-14 days and will fund a loan for 12-24 months.

We can also finance 70% of the purchase price and 70% of the rehab costs.

Become a Member of the Private Mortgage Banking Revolution! For the first time ever, we're offering a Turnkey Commercial Loan Consulting System with an even stronger Guarantee for your Success!  You cannot afford to miss out on the one and only time we're going to offer the Private Lending Group Commercial Loan Consulting System with an Awesome, Reimbursement Offer!

What You'll Get with the Private Lending Group "Commercial Loan Consulting System"

  • Comprehensive Online  Private Lending Group Training
  • Private Lending Group Consultant Lead Generation Web Page
  • Become a Independent Commercial Financing Specialist Nationwide
  • Ongoing Monthly Training
  • Online forum to help build your business

Money Back Guarantee

Refer one Private Investor or Private Borrower that funds a loan and we will pay you your investment back.

With hundreds of real estate transactions and over 30 million dollars worth of real estate funding under our belt, and Millions of Dollars Looking to be Funded RIGHT NOW, we are  the experts in evaluating investment opportunities from both the borrower and the lender's side.

With this powerful Private Lending Group "Commercial Loan Consultant System", you'll learn how to borrow private money, lend and broker private money like a professional. Become a Hero when you show your friends, neighbors and co-workers how to Earn 6% Interest while their friends are lucky to Earn 1%.

AND, you can earn on-going, monthly income using this Exclusive and Powerful System!



Commercial Loan Consulting System

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